Monday, April 7, 2008

Perfect first date

My ideal date is if it's first date I'd like to meet somewhere public (no offense but there's some creepy people out there), going out for coffee or dinner and just getting to know eachother. After that if I see a second date coming I like to go for walks or hikes, once in a while I like to go out to a club and dance (but only like once a month, I'm not a big party girl). I like going to see a movie with my date aswell and I don't mind seeing a live band once in a while at a bar or even at a concert, I love stuff like cartoon 69, it's hilarious watching adult cartoons. Sometimes I like to just stay home the two of us and make a nice dinner, or just cuddle and watch movies.The feature that captures my attention the most is a guy's eyes, especially blue eyes, and off course the obvious a nice butt is always an asset. I appreciate the little things, being able to talk about anything without feeling embarassed or intimidated. It is important to me that you have a Christian faith. I appreciate a guy that is sensitive and someone that genuinely cares about me.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hi Guys!!
I am recently a graduate from a Biotechnology Technologist - Forensics program. I am looking to meet some new people, have some fun and see where is goes. I like to go out and have a good time with friends and also stay at home and just watch a good movie. I am very laid back and just tend to go with the flow on things. Family is really important to me and I always make time to hang out with my siblings. I'm looking for a guy who shares the same interests and values as me so if you want to know more just send a message and we can chat.